History of Coyote Squadron

In November, 1997, Ben Acock became the first unit leader of the Coyote Squadron, a unit of the Commemorative Air Force.

The Coyote Squadron is committed to preserving the legacy of the persons and planes that flew in defense of America, and to bringing to life America’s military aviation heritage in Corsicana.  We do this through the restoration of our own primary trainer, a Fairchild PT-19 like those flown at the Corsicana airfield 1941-1944 when it was used as an Army Air Corps flight training facility.  Our PT-19 is housed in the Tucker Hardgrave Memorial Hangar at the Corsicana airfield.  Tucker Hardgrave, a longtime citizen of Corsicana and a recipient of the Silver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Air Medal, was a founding member of the Coyote Squadron.

In addition, the squadron hosts an annual air show to entertain and inform visitors.  Many World War II aircraft fly into the Corsicana airport for the show and, while they are on static display, visitors are able to see up close the airplanes that flew in combat during WW II.  We also host radio-controlled aircraft clubs that show how their airplanes can perform while controlled from the ground, and aircraft clubs that demonstrate formation flying.  Beginning in 2011, the air show has been a “waivered” air show.  That is, we’ve applied to the FAA for, and been granted, a waiver of certain regulations on aircraft operations over airports.  The waiver of regulations has enabled us to include parachute demonstrations, aerobatics, pyrotechnics, and simulated “dogfights” in our air show.  Through the air show, we strive to perpetuate in the hearts and minds of visitors the memory of these airplanes and the men and women who flew them. 

The squadron also participates in Boy Scout aviation activities, conducts fly-overs for veterans’ funerals, and works with the Lions Club to fly handicapped children to camp at no charge.

Members of the Coyote Squadron are pilots, doctors, law enforcement personnel, business men and women, and retirees. If you have an interest in our goals and efforts, we welcome your membership in the Coyote Squadron. Please contact us.